Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ridley Scott partners with Philips to bring Blade Runner universe expansion

Here's the latest follow up on Ridley and Tony Scott’s ambitious project to produce an open source / transmedia expansion of the Blade Runner narrative universe under Creative Commons.

Launched earlier this year, Purefold, the open media franchise conceived by Ag8 and developed in partnership with the Scott brother’s RSA Films and Baby Cow Productions, came to an halt due to a combination of factors that prevented this bold enterprise from gathering the required funds to get off the ground.

As a phoenix bird the concept reborn from its ashes to give life to Philips Parallel Lines campaign launched today.

Fully integrated into Facebook and Youtube, Philips teamed up with five hotshot film directors from Ridley Scott Associates and challenged them each to create a cutting-edge short film to showcase the great Ambilight, picture and sound capabilities of Philips TVs. 

The 5 films are Jun and The Hidden Skies, Darkroom, El Secreto de Mateo, The Gift and The Hunt.

This tight product placement execution explores the universe of Bladerunner uber-coolness, and other spellbinding genres of filmmaking including drama, adventure, horror, sci-fi and thriller to showcase Philips hi-definition

See for yourself The Gift:

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